Xeno Assault

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You are one of the best Gunship pilots in the home solar system (Sol),

it is not often you encounter a foe which can test your metal in combat.

But when on long range recon you encounter a huge alien fleet headed

straight for Earth! Immediately you send out a warning to the Earth Fleet,

but before a reply can come you turn your ship violently and aim it perfectly

at the massive swarm of alien ships ahead of you. You open fire…

Your main objective in Xeno Assault is to destroy as many alien ships

as you can before they reach earth. Each detachment of aliens is led

by a huge battle crusier, perhaps if you destroy all five of those the other

ships will retreat.

Xeno Assault is not a space shooter. It’s a work of pure art, perfect in every way

delivering the sharpest sting of enjoyment any game will ever give you.