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Tank-o-Box is a complete, top-to-bottom remake of the massively popular war game, Battle City, which won the hearts and minds of thousands of fans around the world. Now, the game is storming the Windows and Macintosh platforms with 55 new levels, eight types of tanks and armored vehicles, high-impact graphics and terrific audio.

Tank-o-Box places you at a once-polished writing desk which has morphed into harsh terrain across which numerous natural and artificial obstacles are scattered. Slowly crawling between crayons and office stationary are enemy tanks and rocket launchers with one goal in mind – bomb the Allied headquarters back to the Stone Age. Your allies are counting on you. You are the hero who must stop the enemy and send him scurrying in retreat.

Combat battles with toy tanks are deceptively easy looking. In actuality, the gameplay is fiercely compelling and offers an intriguing challenge for both children and their parents. You’ll fight against hundreds of tanks during the day and at night. There will be a multitude of obstacles in your way, including trees, sheds, fences and gas lines. Some will be indestructible; others can be destroyed to clear the way. When everything is burning and enemy tanks are bearing down on you, you can hide behind a small shed and wait until you have the enemy in your sights.

Along the way, you can collect bonuses that call down air strikes, upgrade your tank, freeze your enemies in their tracks and provide extra lives. These significantly increase your chances of survival. The new Extra mode, which gives you 99 lives and throws you into a non-stop battle against hundreds of tanks, rocket launchers and armed vehicles, adds to the excitement of the game. Another new gameplay option is the cooperative multiplayer mode, which allows you to play Tank-o-Box with your best friend. Support for feedback mouse and joystick is available.