Steam was charged bunco

In the network there was a scandal around the mini-game, which takes place in the framework of the summer sale Steam. The essence of the game is simple – users are divided into teams, and then create a special icons. Every day the team with the most badges declared the winner, and thirty players of it get three free games. The icons are created from cards issued for various achievements, for example, the purchase of the games that are on sale, participate in polls, etc.

Participants of the game rather quickly discovered a strange pattern – every day of the victory was gained by the new team, and they did it with great isolation from the other. Immediately the fans are up in arms against Valve, deciding that the company for any reason cheating. Oil was added to the fire itself Valve, who was not in any way to comment on the situation and even forced moderators to close the theme with its discussion on the official forum of Steam. However, some reaction followed – the company decided to issue free games representatives of the teams that took second and third places.

According to Kotaku, the hero of the event can be no Valve (which makes this game funny money – no more than a few thousand dollars a day), and the users themselves. Journalists found on Reddit subject to a schedule of victories. The participants were offered to strive for a victory it is in these days, guaranteed to win without spending unnecessary force. The author says she made the schedule just “for fun”, and the Valve has not yet made any statements on this issue.

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