Sky Bandits

Find and catch the dangerous and armed criminal.
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Download game (179 MB)

Oh, that Woolf, evil and cruel bandit. He escaped from prison, tried to hide and plotting evil plans. Litle mause Mitch one time caught cruel bandit and jailed him. But nobody knew that evil Woolf can deceive prison guard and escape. Woolf now free, he armed and very dangerous. He and his evil frends which won’t retuurn Woolf to prison, would prevent to justify. But thief must be in prison!
You will together with mouse Mitch meet to many enemies and criminal of Woolf’s band. Big location, huge hordes street bands with witch doctor Woolf together against you. But I no doubt, you together with brave and valiant mouse can catch villain and send him back to jail, saving city and civilians from evil planes a gang of thugs. Excellent graphics will delight you and enjoy the game.