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Are you plagued by nightmares? Do you have insomnia? Headaches? Seen someone blurred silhouettes? Don’t go to doctor. May be you ok and need some special. Just forces of evil have decided to play a cruel joke with you.
In that case you need specialist of ths to help – namely Garret Ghostfigter, exorcist. This man, whom afraid evil spirits and ghosts. He alone will survive in the struggle for your sweet sleep and peace of mind, _drive away evil spirits from your home. He solved any tasks and problems whith ghosts and evil occult forces . But t hard – stay alone against this forces. You need help him with this mission. You’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with the great master in the fight against evil spirits, solving puzzles and finding clues. You will find enchanted items, that will help you in the future.
This game contented variety puzzles and intresting clues.Sophisticated graphics you will be pleasantly surprised by its diversity.