Enchanted Cavern 2

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The game Enchanted Cavern 2, designed specifically for those who thirst for adventure, who are lured by the ancient world the unknown and mysterious. The puzzle is on the one hand easy at first glance, you need to remove all chips from the stone field, but who knows what has been hidden beneath those chips. You are in for a pleasant surprise and minor troubles in the form of a bound and enchanted tiles in the most secret places of the cave. But you do not worry, you will come to the aid of bonuses, bombs, missiles, vortices, and much more. In the game has 50 levels, each of which special and interesting. You will want to go through them all and unravel an ancient mystery of the opening of the cave and see what you tried and what was hidden from your sight for a long time. Free download full version games Enchanted Cavern 2 on your PC you can on this page.