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The beautiful outdoors, mysterious tombs, dark rooms, old cellars, mine shafts, lonely streets, and a greenhouse filled with stunning blossoms. What do these things have in common? When ruined, they can turn into an awful mess. But what can you do about it?

As luck would have it, you meet a stranger. He begins to explain why your surroundings resemble your worst nightmares. Of course, this will not do, and your conscience compels you to explore the area and find a way to make things right.

Hidden object games are designed to grab your interest and challenge your brain. Maybe you think hunting for hidden items and solving puzzles sounds boring, like chess. The developers of the first hidden object games avoided this pitfall by combining the mental challenges of chess with captivating searches for cleverly concealed items. To make the games even more immersive, they added the element of storytelling. Some games have a plot comparable to a full-length movie, while the characters are reminiscent of Hollywood stars.

Hidden object games exercise your mind, so the more you play them, the easier it is to remember important things. For example, trying to memorize passages in a book, formulas, and dates in history can cause students a terrible headache, all because they haven’t developed a good memory. However, logic games strengthen the mind, giving young people firm ground on which to stand when telling their parents they need to take time out from their studies to play.

Also, over time, every person’s memory weakens, to the point where it’s difficult to remember people’s names. Scientists, however, have proven that logic games fortify the mind. The research is so conclusive, games are even used in classes in the U.S.

All arguments in favor of playing logic games aside, one fact remains: If you want to plunge into a world of adventure and save a princess, kill a dragon, capture a villain, drive a mummy back to his tomb, or search for dinosaur footprints – you need to play a hidden object game.