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Arkanoid games are exceeded in popularity only by Tetris. This style of game first appeared in the mid ’80s and immediately became very popular. The essence of the game is to break walls built of small blocks. To do this, the player must hit the bricks with a ball bounced off of a small paddle, which the player controls. When the player has destroyed all of the blocks, the next level loads. Typically, each successive level has a tougher wall to break or the speed of the game increases.

Players of all ages enjoy Arkanoid because of the variety of games available, including simple games for children and more intense games for avid fans.

Arkanoid is well suited to fans of fast-paced action. While playing, there’s no time to relax or stop thinking because the ball could quickly slip past the paddle and be out of play.

When Arkanoid first appeared on the scene, no one thought it would still be wildly popular today, when games have become more captivating and realistic. But it continues to attract players with its simplicity, both in terms of the gameplay and the lack of a complex storyline. People simply launch the ball and begin to play. Also, Arkanoid titles are similar to each other, differing only in terms of the bonuses provided and the setting in which the game takes place, so there’s a familiarity with which people feel comfortable. And people like that they can play an Arkanoid almost indefinitely. After all, coming up with a hundred or even a thousand levels is easy, as a game can be programmed to create a level more complicated and intense than the previous one. Finally, people love to boast about their accomplishments.

Players have probably spent too much time playing Arkanoids. If you took all of the time people have spent playing Arkanoid and invested it in the aerospace industry, people would be playing Arkanoid in space. But each person is able to choose what he or she does – whether it’s working or relaxing while playing Arkanoid. While playing Arkanoid might not value society in a tangible way, it’s important for people to enjoy themselves. After all, man cannot simply work, eat, and sleep, but must enjoy life as well. That enjoyment can include not only going to a play or visiting a museum, but also playing a wonderful game of Arkanoid.