Gameplay Azteca


If you like games like Zuma and Luxor, with free bubble shooter Azteca to have my admiration. In Azteca chains of balls rolling along a predefined path. This time in the Aztec Empire. Marble chain must be destroyed before it reaches the end of the field.

Marble cannon on the roadside in one shoots fire volleys of coloured marble on the circuit. Always, if you meet more than three of the same color marble, they explode. Thus, the chain is becoming shorter and shorter. 

In Azteca, gameplay, graphics and atmospheric sounds at the highest level successfully. What initially starts just quickly degenerates into a frenzy of activity. As the speed and the number of balls in the queue increases the noise level. Since you have a direct sense of this word to imitate their hands full to intervene all over the world. Azteca is controlled with the mouse. 

All around a great casual game that really has a highly addictive and is an absolute hit for a free game!

Download game Azteca (14 MB)

azteca-screenshot2_big azteca-screenshot0_big azteca-screenshot1_big